18 September 2013

Meet Molly

I made a little scarecrow for the corner of my veggie garden. I call her Molly and she's more for decoration than actual bird-scaring, although when one of our chickens, Kiki, caught sight of her she stretched her neck out so far in curiosity or alarm that she looked like an ostrich!

 photo scarecrow01_zps7c47536d.jpg

 photo scarecrow02_zps71d3a58f.jpg

The hat was $1 and the dress was 50c (both were thrifted). The funniest thing was after I Instagrammed a photo of Molly my friend R emailed me asking if the dress was a particular size and brand from a particular thrift store - it was, and it turned out that it used to be her daughter's dress!

 photo scarecrow03_zps2b7a18db.jpg

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