5 September 2013

New trolley bag out of oilcloth

I have this wheeled trolley. Yes, like a "grandma" trolley.

 photo trolleybag01_zps2e9b1bf1.jpg

It was relatively inexpensive and I use it for everything! Basically when Noah stopped going in a pushchair I was like, "What, now I have to actually carry my own things?" Um, NO. Trolley time.

We tote our library books in it (especially when we used to walk to the library)

We take it on picnics with all of the food, drinks, sunblock, cameras etc in it

It's handy to take to the pool to carry all of the towels, drinks, sunscreen, bug spray, hats, etc

It's very useful when shopping in numerous shops. I once brought it along when I went shopping with friends at an outlet mall. They all laughed at me when I pulled it out of the car but guess whose shopping went into it? That's right - by the end of our shopping trip they were all vowing to buy their own.

You can even stick children into it if needed.

 photo trolley03_zps2747c97c.jpg

The best part for me? Because it has wheels and Noah is vehicle obsessed, he usually insists on being the one to pull it!

 photo trolley_zpsa23feb9d.jpg

 photo trolley01_zpsbcd48f79.jpg

But I don't mind toting it myself. Do I look like a grandma? DO I CARE? (No.)

 photo trolley02_zpscb5c7dae.jpg

With all of the use this cheap trolley bag was starting to fall apart. The fabric had become kind of brittle and was splitting and breaking in places.

 photo trolleybag02_zps49ec48f2.jpg

 photo trolleybag03_zps47a268c1.jpg

 photo trolleybag04_zps914aa072.jpg

So I used the thick, sturdy oilcloth left over from my tablecloth and made a new trolley bag. It was an absolute pain to do, especially because I made two major mistakes along the way that I had to correct, but I'm very proud of the result. It is sturdy and cute and will last forever mainly because it has to because I will never make one again. It did help that Noah was in the room with me as I struggled, saying, "I believe in you, Mommy!"

Anyway, here is the finished bag.

 photo trolleybag05_zps492c32fd.jpg

 photo trolleybag06_zps913739ef.jpg

 photo trolleybag07_zps876dd3b3.jpg

 photo trolleybag08_zps08fdd21a.jpg

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