24 September 2013

Packed lunches part 2

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When putting together lunches, I like to ensure there are carbs, protein and at least two portions of fruit or veg included.

Some ideas for carbs:
  • crackers
  • potato salad
  • bread or rolls
  • breadsticks
  • rice cakes
  • cereal
  • potato chips
  • corn chips
  • pretzels
  • croutons
  • bagels
  • pasta
  • rice
  • pita bread
  • tortilla wraps
  • baked goodies
  • rice
  • couscous
  • popcorn
 Some ideas for protein:
  • egg
  • lentils
  • quinoa
  • prawns / shrimp
  • tuna and other fish
  • nuts
  • cottage cheese
  • beans
  • yoghurt
  • sausages
  • cheese
  • ham and other lunch meats
  • chicken, pork or beef
  • meatballs
For fruit or veg don't forget that you can use fresh, canned, frozen, or dried. Add dips to keep it interesting.

I usually put Grant's lunches together during the day and pop them in the fridge. When he comes home I empty his lunch bag and put the fresh lunch into it, then put the whole bag into the fridge for him to grab in the morning.

I include a main meal, a snack, and a dessert every day. Right now Grant is avoiding sugar so sadly I can't bake yummy treats but instead the desserts are generally fruit or yoghurt.

Here are a few examples of recent lunches - Grant has access to a microwave at work, so he can take leftovers and reheat them:

 photo Lunch01_zps99ad33bd.jpg

Main: salad with roasted winter veg, balsamic dressing, tuna wrap
Snack: seedless green grapes
Dessert: chocolate (before he went sugar-free)

 photo Lunch02_zpsdc2eac09.jpg

Main: leftover butter chicken and rice, homemade kiwi fruit chutney (that container leaked)
Snack: crackers and Camembert cheese
Dessert: seedless black grapes

 photo Lunch03_zpsf0d3a3d7.jpg

Main: deviled eggs, coleslaw, corn chips
Snack: peanuts and almonds
Dessert: a fresh pear

 photo Lunch04_zps672a4729.jpg

Main: curried chicken and salad sandwich on wholewheat (this was very popular with Grant - it was leftover roast chicken mixed with a little mayonnaise, chutney and a pinch of curry powder, with mixed salad leaves)
Snack: carrot sticks and dip (low-fat cream cheese mixed with onion soup powder)
Dessert: seedless black grapes

 photo Lunch06_zpsd527a8c5.jpg

Main: hot dog (the bun had ketchup and mustard in, the sausage was wrapped separately so he could warm it in the microwave
Snack: celery sticks and a boiled egg with salt (blue container)
Dessert: mandarin and two kiwi fruit

 photo Lunch05_zps6aa36fce.jpg

Main: salad with roasted winter veg and feta cheese, Spur salad dressing, corn chips
Snack: carrot sticks in a container of dip
Dessert: mandarin and two kiwi fruit

 photo Lunch07_zps812e7fa9.jpg

Main: tuna pasta salad with extra jalapeno
Snack: boiled egg and black seedless grapes
Dessert: fruit yoghurt

 photo packedlunches07_zps4f699cd4.jpg

Main: leftover lasagna
Snack: cashew nuts, seedless black grapes, mandarin
Dessert: fruit yoghurt

Some more that I don't have photographs of:

Main: leftover beef curry with rice and homemade kiwi fruit chutney
Snack: salted peanuts
Dessert: yoghurt

Main: salad with roasted winter veg, aioli, a roll with silverside beef
Snack: cashews
Dessert: a few blocks of chocolate

Main: vegetable soup, crackers and Camembert cheese
Snack: cashews
Dessert: yoghurt

Main: French bread, cheese, ham, coleslaw, potato salad
Snack: salted peanuts
Dessert: a few blocks of chocolate

Main: pumpkin soup, salad with feta and balsamic dressing
Snack: cashews
Dessert: grapes

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