6 October 2013

Far too many more pics of Marble and her babies

Cue a million more photos of the chicks and Marble. This kind of cuteness just has to be shared. It's funny - the chicks are only one day old and already you can see their personalities. Rosie is feisty and curious and playful - she bit Marble's lower wattle really hard (left a mark, but Marble didn't seem to mind) in her play, and attacked Isabella's toes - I know they look like little worms, but they're not for eating, Rosie! Izzy is much shyer and more reserved and doesn't come out as much as Rosie, who is out looking for attention when she hears our voices. Marble keeps trying to push her back under her wings but Rosie isn't having any of it! So adorable.

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks03_zpse39d8780.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks11_zpsa68bd3e3.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks10_zps0a4eb1b8.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks09_zps33e060d3.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks06_zps0beb895a.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks08_zps54cd4659.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks13_zps9ba0c102.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks02_zps3691b9ba.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks07_zps868ce924.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks04_zps9ac8b8f4.jpg

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks12_zps4b1bbb05.jpg

Here is the current accommodation setup: Doris, Tulip and Kiki in the new coop on the left, and Marble and the babies in the "maternity ward" old coop on the right, with attached trampoline run so they are protected.

 photo moreofmarbleandbabychicks05_zps0657b56b.jpg

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