17 October 2013

Lettuce thieves

I opened the kitchen blinds on Monday morning and what did I see? Lettuce thieves in action! The pot on the left looked like the pot on the right the day before!! (The one in the middle is basil.)

 photo lettucethieves01_zps2b08353b.jpg

 photo lettucethieves05_zps9147b2be.jpg

 photo lettucethieves02_zpsafedee6f.jpg

 photo lettucethieves03_zps042198c5.jpg

 photo lettucethieves04_zpsf9a88c63.jpg

I bought some more seed to plant lettuce randomly throughout the garden where they like to scratch. Hopefully there will be enough for all of us this summer.

I'm not totally naive, I know that chickens can decimate plants in the garden; I just thought that the pots on the patio would be safe since they don't usually wander up there.

I guess not.

Exhibit A:

 photo lettucethieves06_zps3fa66418.jpg

Exhibit B (they've made a start):

 photo lettucethieves07_zpsd8784d99.jpg

Exhibit C (the next day):

 photo lettucethievesextra_zps9ea94523.jpg

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