8 October 2013

Marble and the chicks again

I promise I won't keep bombarding you with baby chick photos, but I'm sure you can suffer through another post full of cuteness today ;)

I've even included a video clip this time:

 photo marbleandthechicksagain08_zpsc5480b8b.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain07_zps9ac4122f.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain05_zps12e40e7f.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain04_zps4937ea12.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain03_zps632bf759.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain01_zpsb2aff1d8.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain02_zpsd47b1a17.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain06_zpsd8226dff.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain10_zps3663b550.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain09_zps3bb724ec.jpg

We've moved them down from the nesting box to a box on the floor of the coop, and they can wander about under the trampoline.

 photo marbleandthechicksagain21_zps2c98a7b4.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain20_zps25a67236.jpg

This photo makes me laugh - such a typical mom, checking her baby's butt for poop. The difference being, she found some and ate it (yuck).

 photo marbleandthechicksagain19_zpsa73ef1b8.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain18_zps3b7d6caa.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain17_zpsb4ddc897.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain16_zps4f4ee17d.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain12_zps9e67662f.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain22_zps4abfd7a0.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain23_zps2d026e14.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain24_zps20e936d1.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain25_zps6cb37c9f.jpg

The aunties came to visit, very curious about the new arrivals.

 photo marbleandthechicksagain13_zps520fcdb3.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain14_zps8c506231.jpg

 photo marbleandthechicksagain15_zps70f6df17.jpg

They even came to visit when the babies were still in the nesting box.

 photo marbleandthechicksagain11_zps76e33cff.jpg

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