2 October 2013

The new chicken coop

Well, we finished the coop yesterday so here is the grand reveal. Prepare yourself for a lot of photos because I'm super proud of what we achieved!

 photo newchickencoop01_zpscd619504.jpg

 photo newchickencoop03_zps16d75e2f.jpg

 photo newchickencoop05_zps0e4b238c.jpg

The door is big enough for us to climb in easily.

 photo newchickencoop04_zps6bb1dad7.jpg

 photo newchickencoop10_zps648cb08e.jpg

Here's how it looks inside:

 photo newchickencoop21_zps0905c7fb.jpg

The nesting boxes are on the left:

 photo newchickencoop14_zps103707d8.jpg

The nesting box roof is hinged for easy access when cleaning.

 photo newchickencoop13_zpsdb969491.jpg

Below the boxes is a shelf with cutouts for their food and water. We can easily change and wash the white plastic ice-cream tubs that hold the food and water, they move along with the coop when it's being shifted, and we've added a line of copper tape around the food to deter slugs. (We added it after some of the photos had been taken, so although you can see it in the one below you won't see it in some of the other pics.)

 photo newchickencoop17_zps4450d57c.jpg

 photo newchickencoop18_zps42c70780.jpg

The other end of the coop - the perch attaches above the chicken door:

 photo newchickencoop20_zpsa7671931.jpg

Speaking of the chicken door, here is that end of the coop from the outside:

 photo newchickencoop06_zps45b64784.jpg

And with the door closed:

 photo newchickencoop08_zps30e3c95d.jpg

I insisted on every cute detail including the planter box, and I think it was worth the extra work.

 photo newchickencoop19_zps802d0df0.jpg

The window side - we plan to add metal mesh to the inside of the window so we can leave it open in summer and have the chickens still feel safe laying in there:

 photo newchickencoop09_zpsa3217702.jpg

This is the nesting box window:
 photo newchickencoop02_zps791d93e3.jpg

 photo newchickencoop11_zpsffde2461.jpg

Easy access to the nesting boxes, for claiming eggs:

 photo newchickencoop12_zpsa72c5135.jpg

Did you notice the little blue star at each gable end?

 photo newchickencoop26_zps0e277aba.jpg

Inside it looks like this:

 photo newchickencoop15_zps8c5bf3bf.jpg

And they flip open for extra ventilation, like this:

 photo newchickencoop16_zps0adc751d.jpg

We had originally planned on doing a different roof but in the end the metal roof was the cheapest and easiest option. I know the ridges are usually installed vertically but each panel fit perfectly horizontally so this is the way we did it.

 photo newchickencoop22_zpse41b93b0.jpg photo newchickencoop25_zpsb74d781e.jpg

Grant put really sturdy wheels on the coop because it's pretty heavy. It has no floor and we wheel it along each day so that the poop gets rained into the grass and we don't have to clean it out constantly.

 photo newchickencoop24_zps9caa54f0.jpg

The trim around the doors and the Shaker panels were other details I insisted on:

 photo newchickencoop23_zps90bfe091.jpg

I smile every time I see it out of the window:

 photo newchickencoop27_zps3995aef7.jpg

 photo newchickencoop07_zps425c8dbb.jpg

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