14 October 2013

They grow so fast ...

These little chicks are growing so fast! These photos were taken in the last couple of days. Rosie has started getting tail feathers!

 photo chicksgrowing01_zps7f599d9a.jpg

 photo chicksgrowing02_zps523dc0a7.jpg

We put the stones in the water bowl so that they wouldn't fall in and get all wet or drown.

 photo chicksgrowing03_zps0b50710b.jpg

 photo chicksgrowing05_zps6b4f272f.jpg

 photo chicksgrowing04_zpsfed9d0fa.jpg

Now that they are a week old and able to keep up with their mama, we let them out with Marble to start integrating with the other hens. Doris has been naughty, trying to peck the babies, so they are still supervised. It will be a few weeks before they all share a coop.

 photo chicksintegrating01_zps11dd6c9e.jpg

 photo chicksintegrating05_zps01d3fc78.jpg

 photo chicksintegrating04_zps2e43f40f.jpg

 photo chicksintegrating03_zps16e17287.jpg

 photo chicksintegrating02_zps0b7650d2.jpg

 photo chicksintegrating07_zps023e0e6e.jpg

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