21 October 2013

Two week old chicks

The chicks are two weeks old now. They are getting bigger, leggier, longer-necked, and are growing feathers. Izzy just has her wing feathers, but Rosie is getting feathers on the back of her neck and growing tail feathers too. She is half-feathered, half-fluffy and looks scruffy but cute as anything!

They are so fun to watch as they copy Marble in scratching, pecking, and even dust-bathing. My heart just melts when they jump on her back and slide off. So adorable!

 photo chicksnow06_zpsde6e2f93.jpg

Rosie will eventually be a red hen with some black in her tail feathers.

 photo chicksnow01_zpsaefa6616.jpg

Izzy will be black and white.

 photo chicksnow02_zps114127c5.jpg

Marble is such a good mother, we are very proud of her.

 photo chicksnow03_zps2eaaf107.jpg

 photo chicksnow04_zps07102853.jpg

 photo chicksnow05_zpsc5b2eca3.jpg

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