17 November 2013

Auckland Botanic Gardens sculpture trail 2013

Last year we enjoyed the sculpture trail at the Botanic Gardens, and this year was no different. I packed a picnic dinner and some casual clothes for the boys and Grant and I collected them from school and hit the road straight to the gardens. We collected a guide at the entrance and hit the trail, following the signs.

 photo sculpturetrail00_zpsae6d6911.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail02_zps50035a1e.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail03_zpsbff6f212.jpg

I took this photo before we read the sign saying not to sit on these sculptures - oops!

 photo sculpturetrail01_zpsea87c1c4.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail04_zpsc9180ea3.jpg

Other sculptures are meant to be climbed on or interacted with. (Note Noah pushing, rather than pulling, the trolley containing our picnic.)

 photo sculpturetrail05_zps1e2fcc53.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail06_zps71bf04b2.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail07_zps7404a5bb.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail08_zpsead2ff38.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail09_zps9e75b009.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail10_zpsd524d714.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail11_zpsf3465664.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail12_zps2155a94f.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail13_zps222730a3.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail14_zps294fe617.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail15_zps32009af0.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail16_zps84ddcbd8.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail17_zps00b2b17f.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail18_zps344af794.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail19_zpsf2b450e2.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail20_zpsf798fe49.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail21_zpse88ff9fa.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail22_zpsf01ba191.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail23_zpsd0583410.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail25_zps87d09bc6.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail24_zpsb7a5974b.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail26_zps588758fe.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail27_zpsd769177c.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail28_zps271fafb5.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail29_zps0160a07a.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail30_zps8648308a.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail31_zps50b295b8.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail32_zps448304ac.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail33_zps394ea2ec.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail34_zpse1cf6888.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail35_zpsb7d138d9.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail36_zps1666fa81.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail37_zpsf3bb3337.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail38_zpsb8c4fe45.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail39_zps2e398476.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail40_zps2ef8476b.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail41_zps3566ab51.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail42_zpsca352766.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail43_zpsc596bbf4.jpg

 photo sculpturetrail44_zps1bd3e020.jpg

We finished up with a picnic before heading home.

 photo sculpturetrail45_zps2c568cd9.jpg

We had a wonderful afternoon as a family and enjoyed the sculptures and being outdoors. Highly recommended.

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  1. Beautiful photos Jen, love the family one! The sculptures are amazing, looks like you had a lovely trip out, x


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