5 November 2013

Freshly painted back door

The back door was looking absolutely dire. Old, peeling, faded paint and corroded hardware.

 photo backdoor01_zpsc2a39909.jpg

 photo backdoor02_zps01576683.jpg

 photo backdoor03_zpse0576aab.jpg

The paint in the top left corner was a totally different colour - that's how the door had faded over the years. Never mind the swipes of white from whomever painted the paneling beside the door.

 photo backdoor04_zps3be47d0c.jpg

The hardware was caked with corrosion and old paint.

 photo backdoor05_zps1734aa31.jpg

I sent the landlord a text saying that the back and front doors needed painting, and that we didn't mind doing the scraping, sanding and painting but would he pay for the paint. He promptly phoned back to say yes. When we asked if he minded what colour we chose he said, "Whatever makes you happy." So we went with a glossy black.

After much scraping and sanding and priming it was time for two coats of paint. What a difference it made!

 photo backdoor06_zps97354560.jpg

I even soaked the hardware in vinegar and scrubbed off the old paint and corrosion. You'll notice I primed and painted right over the top lock - there is no key for it so it's never used.

 photo backdoor07_zpsa8015780.jpg

Some might wonder why we'd go to the trouble when we don't own the house. Well, as long as we live here it's our home, regardless of who owns it, and we don't mind doing little jobs to make it look better. These improvements give us satisfaction when we see them, which is numerous times each day.

 photo backdoor08_zps6050d0cc.jpg

 photo backdoor09_zps89595e28.jpg

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