15 November 2013

Freshly painted front door

The front door of our home was embarrassing. The back door was pretty shabby before I painted it but at least our guests / clients didn't enter there. This is what greeted anyone visiting our house:

 photo frontdoor01_zps47e71f37.jpg

 photo frontdoor02_zps4d07c946.jpg

Yes, that is disgusting yellow plastic paneling around the door.

 photo frontdoor03_zpsbe914296.jpg

 photo frontdoor05_zps6dbd520b.jpg

The doorstep was chipped and the door paint was cracked.

 photo frontdoor04_zps323cfffe.jpg

The hardware looked pretty shabby too, and there was an iron ring pull that wasn't necessary.

 photo frontdoor06_zps59e8ce3e.jpg

When we bought primer we chose one that would ensure paint would adhere to plastic. Here is the freshly painted entry area and door now. SO much more inviting!

 photo frontdoor07_zps294f6014.jpg

 photo frontdoor08_zpsd263c7a5.jpg

Grant removed the vintage doorbell and I soaked it in white vinegar and scrubbed as much of the corrosion off it as I could.

 photo frontdoor09_zpsfda6624e.jpg

And a final before-and-after. (I do plan on buying a new doormat.)

 photo frontdoor12_zpsdd1acd2b.jpg

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