21 November 2013

Our first bathroom upgrade

I thought it would be fun to share some of our renovating and decorating work from years gone by. If you're a close friend or reader from the beginning of this blog (are there any still around???) you'll have seen these before.

In South Africa we owned two houses consecutively, and both were brand new. Once we moved to England the first house we were able to buy was around 108 years old, and in need of renovation. The bathroom was a decent size but was very dated with mismatched green wall tiles, carpet and bathroom suite, and peach walls, one of which had old, faded wallpaper.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom01_zpscb1dae82.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom02_zps440b6e42.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom03_zps6cdd89e4.jpg

This was the tile-effect wallpaper:

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom05_zps2caafb91.jpg

We were super strapped for cash, though, so gutting and refitting the bathroom was out of the question. We had to patiently save up for even the cheapest item. I'm pretty proud of what we achieved, despite being on such a tight budget.

The first thing we did was fit a rail to the ceiling so we could hang a shower curtain and use the shower.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom06_zps5d7bd3de.jpg

Stripping wallpaper doesn't cost anything, so that's what I tackled next, doing a little each evening while Daniel, who was a toddler, was in the bath.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom04_zps86feeaa5.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom07_zpsccc98b9c.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom13_zps1fd17a82.jpg

The next project was painting the tiles. They were in sound condition, but very dated and there was a row of white tiles along the bath and one near the ceiling.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom10_zps019182ff.jpg

We chose a tile paint-and-primer-in-one and rolled on four coats. It made such a huge difference! And as a bonus: no more cleaning grout as it was all sealed.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom08_zpsa48c064d.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom09_zpsdedb4fa7.jpg

I used the same paint to freshen up the existing bath panel as we couldn't afford to replace it.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom11_zpsda2a54c7.jpg

Switching the toilet seat with a new white one brought things a little more up to date.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom12_zpse499c150.jpg

The top of the cupboard was simply boarded up (as you can see in one of the photos at the top of this post), so Grant opened it up, framed it out and built a shelf.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom14_zpscf116dfd.jpg

I bought a little fabric that I thought would match the green suite and made a Roman blind - my first attempt ever!

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom15_zpsf6b278f9.jpg

When we had enough money to buy some paint and accessories, I went shopping, choosing a very pale blue paint. I echoed the circles in the blind fabric with a toothbrush holder that I found at Matalan, and by docoupaging circles of blue vellum onto a little stool that I painted white. The frames were from a discount store and the pictures in them were greeting cards I'd had for years. I replaced the light pull cord with ball chain from the hardware store, adding a silver handle.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom16_zpsc973c310.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom20_zps29d28736.jpg

The circle theme continued in a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet I found at Ikea.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom19_zps82316156.jpg

We installed a shaving mirror and some metal storage shelves in the shower / bath. We also added an extra towel rail to the wall next to the bath, and one on the back of the door.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom17_zps23c4487a.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom18_zpsc7297b89.jpg

That was Phase 1. Much later on, after we'd been working on other home renovation projects, we returned to the bathroom. The carpet had to go! We ripped it out and replaced it with white and grey mottled vinyl. We decided to repaint too - the original paint was matt and showed too many marks, and the colour was just too pale. I picked a darker blue out of the blind fabric, one in a hue that balanced the green suite, and bought paint in that colour, in semi-gloss finish. This is what we ended up with.

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom21_zps3d341d90.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom22_zpse36db1d0.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom23_zpsdf092ddf.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom24_zps85f88f77.jpg

Before and afters:

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom25_zps479eb453.jpg

 photo cemeteryroadbathroom26_zps419b353f.jpg

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