1 November 2013

The October Dress Project

 photo ODP_zpsfe3ee79d.jpg

One of my readers (hi, Jennifer!) told me about the October Dress Project (you can read about it here) and I thought it would be fun to participate. My dress is a Toast dress (v expensive UK brand) that I bought for $7.99 at SaveMart (yay, thrifting!) Here's how I wore my dress in October. There are a couple of days missing - one of them was spent in painting clothes, the other was a pyjama day.

 photo ODP01_zpsbf8091d5.jpg

  photo ODP02_zps369a06aa.jpg

 photo ODP03_zps53191e55.jpg

  photo ODP04_zps3b73c035.jpg

 photo ODP05_zps734b8b0b.jpg

 photo ODP06_zpsfff79e29.jpg

 photo ODP07_zpsb2b21a6c.jpg

 photo ODP08_zps3b27d461.jpg

 photo ODP09_zps26061856.jpg

 photo ODP10_zps593bb2c5.jpg

Have any of you heard of the October Dress Project before?
Have you ever participated?
Do you think you might?

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