1 November 2013

The October Dress Project

 photo ODP_zpsfe3ee79d.jpg

One of my readers (hi, Jennifer!) told me about the October Dress Project (you can read about it here) and I thought it would be fun to participate. My dress is a Toast dress (v expensive UK brand) that I bought for $7.99 at SaveMart (yay, thrifting!) Here's how I wore my dress in October. There are a couple of days missing - one of them was spent in painting clothes, the other was a pyjama day.

 photo ODP01_zpsbf8091d5.jpg

  photo ODP02_zps369a06aa.jpg

 photo ODP03_zps53191e55.jpg

  photo ODP04_zps3b73c035.jpg

 photo ODP05_zps734b8b0b.jpg

 photo ODP06_zpsfff79e29.jpg

 photo ODP07_zpsb2b21a6c.jpg

 photo ODP08_zps3b27d461.jpg

 photo ODP09_zps26061856.jpg

 photo ODP10_zps593bb2c5.jpg

Have any of you heard of the October Dress Project before?
Have you ever participated?
Do you think you might?

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  2. I love this! I am seriously going to print this off and keep it in my closet to use as inspiration! I have a similar dress and can never think of ways to dress it up. Brilliant!

    (deleted last post for typos)

  3. You did amazing. I had NO doubt, I knew if anyone could do this, it was you. You made it looks so easy and always fabulous. Thanks for participating, until next year! I'll be sure to keep peaking in here, I just LOVE you Blog.


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