4 December 2013

Blurb ebooks

Have you ordered your Blurb book gifts yet? If you missed out on the 30% discount, do not despair as I have another deal for you - just click this link: 

Save 25% on print book purchases of $50 or more (valid until 8 December).

If you are worried that you won't get your book made in time, or won't have enough time to have it printed and shipped to you (and possibly shipped on to your recipient) in time for Christmas, then you might be interested to know that they also do ebooks.

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Not only for personal gifts, they also make great marketing tools if you have a business. Create a mini portfolio or report for your clients, business partners, vendors, and customers, without incurring the cost of separate gifts or printed matter.

Or perhaps you have a few people on your personal gift list who aren't quite friends but aren't just acquaintances, and you'd like to give them a little something for Christmas - more than just a card.

I think we all have relatives or friends who live far away, who we send gifts to and find that the postage costs as much as the gift did in the first place.

Why not consider giving an ebook made with Blurb for something truly memorable (and economical)? Whether it’s your writing, your images, your designs, a selection of your favourite blog posts—or some representation of whatever it is you and your business do—it’s an e-gift that’s all you.

Blurb's ebooks run right on the iPad or in the iBooks app that’s part of Mac OS X Mavericks. For the Apple-free folks on your receiving list, you can create an Instant PDF that’s readable on pretty much every device.

Blurb’s fixed-format ebooks can include text, imagery, links, audio, and video. So you could even include a little video clip of yourself or your family, or a link to your website.

Ebooks are extremely inexpensive. For just US$9.99 you can create an ebook of any size and then give away as many copies as you like simply by sending the download link to your customers, clients, and friends. The Instant PDF is just $4.99 to create. It's a one-off fee for multiple gifts.

And for those really special gift recipients, you can still make a gift they can physically open—a printed book.

So, why not get started?

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