27 December 2013


I wanted to share some photos from the camping spot we visited recently. I've mentioned before that I grew up camping pretty much every weekend. In the UK Grant and I tried once when Daniel was a toddler (camping with a toddler = instant disadvantage) and once when Noah was a preschooler, and both times sucked. Sorry if it offends my UK friends, but camping there is just not the same as in SA or here. Too many people, campgrounds too civilised, ground too cold, weather not hot enough, etc.

Finally, we were able to camp like I'd missed camping!! We went to a spot called Broken Hills just over an hour away from our home (here are the DOC details). When Grant had been researching camp sites I'd said my only requirement was proper flushing toilets. Grant somehow heard only "toilets" - and so we ended up at Broken Hills where the toilets were long drops. Thankfully they weren't like the very primitive long drops that I was used to as a child! It was fine.

We pitched our tents (which were passed on to us by my friend Taryn - thanks, Ted!!) at an awesome site right by a creek. We swam in the creek and Grant, Daniel and I even surfed down it a ways on boogie boards (Grant didn't have one so he hung onto ours). Total fun except when I bent my toenail back (to the point where it bled, ouch).

My dad in particular absolutely LOVED camping there. He was on a high after hiking up to the top of the peak.

 photo camping15_zpsaa5ec5b8.jpg

 photo camping14_zps6b7ea5d6.jpg

 photo camping13_zpsd2422470.jpg

 photo camping05_zps98fd6818.jpg

The chairs are facing the creek.

 photo camping03_zps24574b65.jpg

View from our camp spot.

 photo camping01_zps9eef5d34.jpg

 photo camping02_zps4520df49.jpg

 photo camping17_zps1e9c60d2.jpg

 photo camping04_zps839a4e64.jpg

 photo camping06_zps44f2d66f.jpg

 photo camping18_zps3f43b6c4.jpg

 photo camping07_zps57801bd7.jpg

 photo camping16_zpsa1164273.jpg

 photo camping12_zpsed831ed5.jpg

 photo camping11_zps9b361cd7.jpg

 photo camping10_zps6faf0b32.jpg

 photo camping09_zps6466a6a1.jpg

 photo camping08_zps9d689cb3.jpg

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