2 December 2013


Making: ties for the boys (using this tutorial)
Cooking: potatoes (in the microwave) with cheese and beans (for lunch)
Drinking : water
ReadingState of Wonder as an ebook on my phone - love that I can get library books instantly!
Wanting:  to comfort a friend who is hurting
Looking:  a bit scruffy - haircut tomorrow (I'm going short again!)
Playing: Candy Crush - and stuck on level 182
Wasting: sunny weather by sewing indoors
Sewing: adapting a top that was too long, and making the sleeves short too
Wishing: I could wave a magic wand and fix my friends' problems
Enjoying: our chickens
Waiting: for Marble to get over her broodiness (again!)
Liking: time spent with Grant (who is on leave) and my dad (who is visiting)
Wondering: when my Saltwater sandals will arrive
Loving: my family
Hoping: my allergies will eventually succumb to one of the many treatments I'm using
Marveling: at how fast my boys are growing
Needing: food - I'm hungry!
Smelling: nothing much right now with my nose stuffy from allergies
Wearing: comfy stay-at-home clothes: lightweight black long shorts and one of Grant's t-shirts
Following: Neighbours
Noticing: blossoms on my tomato plants
Avoiding: watching any of the December vlogging on the YouTube channels I subscribe to - it makes me homesick this time of year to see people being all Christmassy and cosy and wintry
Knowing: How much I have learnt and grown this year
Thinking: about of my cousin Di because I'm missing her so much
Bookmarking: wreath ideas on Pinterest
Opening: a new package of thread and fabric for the projects mentioned above
Giggling: at the chickens - they are so funny
Feeling: happy to be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary today

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