26 January 2014

Camping at Catley's Campground

fsWe recently spent a few days camping in the Kauaeranga Valley, at a campground called Catley's. It was so lovely and peaceful. We found a nearby waterhole that was pretty deep and went there to swim a few times.

 photo catleyscampground12_zps0694be0d.jpg

 photo catleyscampground09_zps083c9bf9.jpg

 photo catleyscampground08_zpsb8e1de13.jpg

 photo catleyscampground07_zpsa975a4ad.jpg

 photo catleyscampground11_zps60b8e1ca.jpg

 photo catleyscampground01_zpsdd09c39e.jpg

 photo catleyscampground19_zps659adea1.jpg

 photo catleyscampground10_zps51ffa657.jpg

 photo catleyscampground18_zps3ab054ef.jpg

 photo catleyscampground13_zps483db232.jpg

 photo catleyscampground14_zps8c07adde.jpg

 photo catleyscampground16_zps5e2e7513.jpg

 photo catleyscampground17_zps8e75edad.jpg

 photo catleyscampground21_zpsfb57f57a.jpg

 photo catleyscampground15_zps50477a06.jpg

 photo catleyscampground20_zpsf1958e8e.jpg

 photo catleyscampground06_zpsdcb2c0ee.jpg

The water entering the waterhole from the stream was lovely and warm from flowing over sun-heated rocks.

 photo catleyscampground05_zps5e62b902.jpg

 photo catleyscampground04_zps452b9eac.jpg

 photo catleyscampground03_zps241d4c64.jpg

 photo catleyscampground02_zps594788f8.jpg

Here are a couple of video clips of the waterhole setting and Grant and the boys jumping off the rocks.

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  1. LOVELY! I live in the pacific northwest of the usa, and we are in the grip of winter, so your camping pictures are like an escape! Camping is such a fun family activity!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Great video, was holding my breath as Grant was going towards his jump spot, lol! xx

  3. Sound like you had a lovely time

  4. That all looks absolutely perfect. :-D Jude.x


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