31 January 2014

More camping photos

I posted the camping at Catley's campground post before I'd finished editing all of the photos, so here are some more.

Playing in the river near our tent. Nobody else there.

 photo catleyscampground22_zps8b252df4.jpg

 photo catleyscampground23_zps5de1f049.jpg

Noah was thrilled when he realised he could balance on my bodyboard without sinking! He spent ages paddling around.

 photo catleyscampground24_zps88ddfb64.jpg

 photo catleyscampground25_zps5033ab5b.jpg

 photo catleyscampground26_zpsf09c3f5c.jpg

 photo catleyscampground27_zps42aae4e5.jpg

 photo catleyscampground28_zpsc4ed5ee8.jpg

 photo catleyscampground29_zps954cb36d.jpg

 photo catleyscampground30_zpsd99e66da.jpg

Noah found this stick yacht that someone had made.

 photo catleyscampground31_zps640291ab.jpg

At the waterhole. Nobody else there.

 photo catleyscampground33_zps6d24d05a.jpg

 photo catleyscampground32_zps8db182bf.jpg

The mosquitoes were pretty bad in the evening and I am apparently delicious to them. I had socks on, with my yoga pants tucked into them, long sleeved top pulled down over my hands, and then they were swarming my head, so I ended up wearing Noah's hooded towel while I sat reading to him! (Hey, it worked!)

 photo catleyscampground34_zps359e217b.jpg

All packed up and ready to head home.

 photo catleyscampground35_zps5354a276.jpg

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