3 January 2014

Wrights Water Gardens

Some photos from our recent visit to Wrights Water Gardens in Patumahoe.

 photo wrightswatergarden01_zps223d39b4.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden02_zps4cfc09be.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden03_zps35b9bfa5.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden07_zps541467e2.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden06_zpsdabde30f.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden05_zps5cede776.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden04_zps5b46d009.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden08_zps38886f21.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden19_zps9849c110.jpg

Grant with pine needles on his head!

 photo wrightswatergarden18_zpsf61ced27.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden17_zps2c687806.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden13_zps42021650.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden16_zpsa01e98ce.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden15_zpsbc9140ac.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden14_zps44b102d1.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden12_zps774cfe23.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden11_zps0cf7e172.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden10_zps544aa519.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden09_zps54af0daa.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden20_zpsbe273884.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden21_zpsf076c7ce.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden22_zps5af87ee3.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden23_zpseb242c77.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden24_zps0eb6eb7b.jpg

We were looking at the bright green layer of plants / pond scum on some of the pools, teasing Noah that it was safe to walk on (he wouldn't be fooled), when just as I was about to take a photo of Daniel he stepped onto what he thought was a rock. It was, in fact, a floating pile of debris and foam, and he fell right into the pond! In my shock I snapped the photo as he went in.

 photo wrightswatergarden25_zps80f87880.jpg

Luckily it wasn't very deep. He was such a good sport and laughed as hard as we did.

 photo wrightswatergarden26_zps2b38b735.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden27_zpsa6978999.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden28_zps5ecbf127.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden29_zps652675e8.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden33_zps6cac1503.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden32_zpsf9e4d1dc.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden31_zpsb19a6149.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden30_zps1e2d4786.jpg

 photo wrightswatergarden34_zpsf3fe5693.jpg

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