11 February 2014

Blueberry picking

I almost forgot to post about this! Recently I went blueberry picking with Noah, my friend Carley and her daughter Chloe (Daniel and Carley's eldest daughter were back at school already). Noah took my camera and snapped a few pics - he really has a good eye for it, capturing the whole scene as well as close up details. He is very interested in photography and I plan to help him learn. I was explaining about exposure and the way ISO, shutter speed, and aperture work together and he was fascinated and caught on really quickly.

 photo blueberries01_zpsfd070126.jpg

 photo blueberries07_zpsdde6fde6.jpg

 photo blueberries08_zps87458c09.jpg

 photo blueberries04_zpsea4b5d05.jpg

 photo blueberries05_zpsa43bdf2b.jpg

 photo blueberries06_zps03a6700e.jpg

 photo blueberries09_zps145eeaba.jpg

 photo blueberries03_zps3a448703.jpg

 photo blueberries10_zpsf2da4592.jpg

 photo blueberries02_zpse8735d97.jpg

And what did I do with over 4kg of blueberries? I baked blueberry muffins ...

 photo blueberries11_zpse10111bc.jpg

... and I put some into smoothies ...

 photo blueberries13_zpscf6b316a.jpg

... and I froze the rest, laid out in a single layer in batches, then (when they were frozen) into ziplock bags.

 photo blueberries12_zps73070b7e.jpg

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