13 February 2014

Chicken snippets

Tulip has been broody recently, and pulled out her chest feathers. A broody hen will do this to feather her nest and so that he heat of her chest will keep her eggs warm.

 photo broodytulip01_zpse8624493.jpg

Thankfully she was easier to break than Marble and is over her broodiness, and in finally went back to laying again.

Speaking of eggs, the other day Marble laid the tiniest egg, it was half the size of her usual eggs. It was so funny as she had screamed and shouted for so long after laying it, you'd swear it was enormous.

Here is her mini egg with regular eggs.

 photo marbleminiegg02_zps989c57a9.jpg

In comparison with one of her usual eggs.

 photo marbleminiegg01_zpsbd04c06f.jpg

There was barely a speck of yolk in it.

 photo marbleminiegg03_zpsde90bee1.jpg

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