28 March 2014

What I wore to a fashion show

 photo wiwfashionshow_zps4f0f5d9f.jpg

 photo wiwfashionshow2_zpsc1865dde.jpg

 photo exitshoes01.jpg

Top: The Warehouse
Black skinny jeans: The Warehouse
Shoes: Hannahs (staff discount)
White bracelet: made by me
Silver bracelet: thrifted
Black bracelet: Mother's day present
Earrings: can't remember

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  1. Hello
    This is not a fashion comment but a Hashimoto question. I came across your blog while googling a few things. I was wondering if you took Thyrocsin during your journey to wellness. I was recently diagnosed with Hashi's and I have read that taking iodine supplements (which Thyrocsin contains in a small amount) is a no-no. Also I am curious what supplements you did take. I am seeing a naturopath and we are really at the beginning of my journey. I would appreciate any info you can share. Carla

    1. Hi Carla, could you please email me on the email address in the sidebar, I'm happy to answer your questions but it's a bit long to post here.

    2. Sorry, email address is not in the sidebar anymore, it's in the contact section (link at the top of the page). I don't want to post it here or I'll start getting spam.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Lovely shoes, Jen. The black and white bracelet is lovely also.

  4. Holy hotness!!!!!!!

  5. Fabulous outfit. You look great!


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