2 May 2014

Inspiration for Decoration

I wanted to let you know what happened to my other blogs, Inspiration for Decoration and Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces.

I had literally thousands of posts on those blogs, but mainly Inspiration for Decoration. As far as I was able to I had added a link to each picture's original source. But I became more and more aware that that was not enough to absolve me of copyright infringement. The only way to do that was to get written permission from each source.

I began to feel like the blog was a ticking time bomb and that sooner or later someone could sue me (it happens in blogland, believe me).

The amount of work that went into the blogs really didn't justify the little amount of money they earned me. The thought of adding more work in the form of contacting each source, keeping a spreadsheet to keep track of everything, and keeping all of the written permissions just didn't appeal, especially since it would not increase my earnings one bit.

Then I found out that there are actually lawyers who are similar to ambulance-chasers - they spend their time trawling the internet searching for copyright infringement so that they can convince the owners of the original pictures to sue. That sealed the deal for me - I was removing all risk. I deleted the blogs.

I meant to put a post on Inspiration for Decoration letting my readers know that I would be removing it, but totally forgot to - I'm so sorry! Luckily Pinterest has come along and you can follow my boards there to see the interior pictures that I like. Just click here to see my boards - I will be adding more to categorise the interiors pictures.

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