10 June 2014

Ham and egg breakfast muffins

 photo breakfasteggymuffins01_zpscac1bb54.jpg

These low-carb muffins are great to grab for a quick breakfast on the go, and so easy to prepare too. You simply line a muffin tin with slices of shaved ham, sprinkle some cheese in, add any veggies you like (I used spring onions), and pour in some beaten egg. Bake until set.

If you have a big enough muffin tin you could crack an egg straight in without beating them.

Try different variations:
- spinach and feta
- mushroom
- red onion and capsicum
- add a couple of pineapple chunks

 photo breakfasteggymuffins02_zpsc69a1183.jpg

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  1. so going to have to try this out one day

  2. Genius. Looks so much better than the boring scrambled eggs I'm eating now.

  3. I will definitely try it. How long does it take to bake?

    1. It depends on your oven and the size of each "muffin" - start checking after 10 minutes, I reckon, and keep checking every couple of minutes until they are no longer liquid in the middle.

  4. Ooh yum! I'll definitely be making these for breakfast soon!


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