15 July 2014

Daisy's first trip to the beach

A little while ago we took Daisy to the beach, as she'd finally had her last shots and healed from her spaying and was able to go out. She absolutely loved it, of course! We couldn't take her near the water's edge as there were heaps of bluebottles all along, but there was still plenty for her to do like digging, chasing her boys, pulling on seaweed, and running.

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach01_zps7fd2fa8a.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach09_zps027e05fb.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach08_zps24d7c48d.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach12_zps0fab5a96.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach13_zpsbf39b25a.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach06_zps7a7af4dd.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach04_zpse4db1188.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach10_zpscc5c2f7c.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach05_zps1dbea641.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach07_zps421926ee.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach11_zps72dcd92e.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach03_zps89802385.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach02_zpsc8e0799c.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach14_zps4cc1f9cb.jpg

When we got home she pretty much did this for the rest of the day:

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach15_zpsd467b81b.jpg

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