30 July 2014

Fan mail

Other bloggers sometimes do posts about the weird and wonderful keywords used in Google searches that land on their blogs. I don't tend to have strange keywords used, although the most popular search phrase is "fruit faces tutorial" (here you go - you're welcome).

However, I did recently have an ... interesting conversation with someone on my blog Facebook page. I showed it to a friend and she laughed and immediately said, "You have to blog this!"

I later showed it to another friend and she laughed and said, "You have to blog this!"

So this is me blogging it! I used Lego minifigures to reenact the private message exchange, and I've copied and pasted the messages exactly into this comic strip, without any editing. I won't share the person's name, but he was from another country and his middle name is Tiger, I kid you not.

 photo comic01_zps1ee754c6.jpg

 photo comic02_zpse230cee5.jpg

 photo comic03_zpsc41ab894.jpg

 photo comic04_zpse9e7fe0b.jpg

 photo comic05_zps28ae6ef2.jpg

And because I'm nothing if not generous ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INTERNET STRANGER!

 photo Tightsandtanktop_zps2bed23ff.jpg

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  1. Holy cats, how weird. However, your tights picture is adorable. You look so happy and carefree.

  2. I just wept with laughter, this is one of the best facebook-blog-internet-translation-to-real-life episodes I have ever seen, thank you for sharing! I hope your internet stranger appreciates his birthday present!

  3. That's absolutely hilarious you have a wicked sense if humour Jen. I am still sniggering now at the photo of you in the tights.

    Lyn x

  4. Hahaha - that made me laugh, and I LOVE that photo at the end!

  5. Oh my word! That is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Wow. Your tights? Really???

  6. Snort, so funny!

  7. You are hysterical! Loved the tights photo! Loved the Lego reenactment! Love your sense of humor! So funny!

  8. Oh my word so funny!

  9. LMAO!!!! Oh how funny !! Gotta love the internet for a good nutcase... And that bloke who was messaging you was pretty weird too! ;)

  10. HAHAHAHAHA this was AMAZING and so, so funny. Your sense of humour is the best.


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