30 July 2014

Fan mail

Other bloggers sometimes do posts about the weird and wonderful keywords used in Google searches that land on their blogs. I don't tend to have strange keywords used, although the most popular search phrase is "fruit faces tutorial" (here you go - you're welcome).

However, I did recently have an ... interesting conversation with someone on my blog Facebook page. I showed it to a friend and she laughed and immediately said, "You have to blog this!"

I later showed it to another friend and she laughed and said, "You have to blog this!"

So this is me blogging it! I used Lego minifigures to reenact the private message exchange, and I've copied and pasted the messages exactly into this comic strip, without any editing. I won't share the person's name, but he was from another country and his middle name is Tiger, I kid you not.

 photo comic01_zps1ee754c6.jpg

 photo comic02_zpse230cee5.jpg

 photo comic03_zpsc41ab894.jpg

 photo comic04_zpse9e7fe0b.jpg

 photo comic05_zps28ae6ef2.jpg

And because I'm nothing if not generous ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INTERNET STRANGER!

 photo Tightsandtanktop_zps2bed23ff.jpg

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