27 July 2014

Tea trolley makeover

The house we live in is a mid-century home that haskind of a weird layout (which, luckily, suits us well) with the kitchen on one end of the house and the living room on the other.

Recently we've taken to eating dinner in the living room together while watching our favourite TV show (I know, I know ... and we used to be so good, sitting around the dinner table every evening ...) Carrying the full plates through the house was a messy accident waiting to happen, and also meant we had to make extra trips for drinks, condiments, etc.

I decided that we needed an old-fashioned tea trolley. I started looking on TradeMe (New Zealand's version of eBay). I couldn't believe how expensive they were! Plain, old tea trolleys in not-brilliant condition were starting at $20 and rapidly reaching higher amounts.

Luckily, after watching new listings for a while, one was listed with a buy-now price of $20, plus it was near Grant's place of work so he could collect on the way home.

 photo teatrolleymakeover01_zps27e8ffaa.jpg

 photo teatrolleymakeover02_zpscb43fe75.jpg

As you can see, it was pretty old and grubby. The wheels were caked in rust and the wood was marked in places. The plywood of the tray surfaces was sound but the varnish had faded and cracked. But I wasn't concerned as I had plans for it!

The first thing I did was make cross braces for it. I adore cross-braced furniture and even my engagement ring has crosses on it (see here). Our dining chairs chairs have cross braces too and I thought it would be sweet if the trolley matched.

I started by creating a cardboard template that would fit exactly into the end of the trolley.

 photo teatrolleymakeover03_zpsd6594718.jpg

I then laid that onto a strip of wood and marked the cuts at top and bottom.

 photo teatrolleymakeover04_zpsfe5aa946.jpg

 photo teatrolleymakeover05_zps21ed0991.jpg

After cutting the wood I checked to make sure it would fit.

 photo teatrolleymakeover06_zps481391dd.jpg

Then I went ahead and cut the other three pieces. I put two of the braces together and marked where they crossed.

 photo teatrolleymakeover07_zpsb22a0f6c.jpg

Then I cut halfway through the wood ...

 photo teatrolleymakeover08_zpsa77f86ae.jpg

... and scored with my craft knife.

 photo teatrolleymakeover09_zps168bd4ce.jpg

Now, here's the part where you'd use a nice, sharp chisel. Alas, I didn't have one so I had to make do with a screwdriver and hammer. Don't be like me. Buy a chisel. (But if you can't or don't want to, a screwdriver will do.)

 photo teatrolleymakeover10_zpsdc2ee9e0.jpg

I used my craft knife to get the last of the wood out of the way, then repeated with the other piece of wood.

 photo teatrolleymakeover11_zps55824823.jpg

With the notches, they slotted together well. I put some glue in the middle and clamped them together (the tissue is to prevent marks from the clamp as the wood was fairly soft.)

 photo teatrolleymakeover12_zpsdea50073.jpg

I nailed the braces in with small nails and this doohickey which enabled me to whack the nails in such a confined space.

 photo teatrolleymakeover13_zpsf3fef2a3.jpg

The nails are barely noticeable.

 photo teatrolleymakeover14_zps1a90941e.jpg

Voila, the cross braces are in!

 photo teatrolleymakeover15_zps9106e84a.jpg

The next step was to caulk all of the gaps.

 photo teatrolleymakeover16_zps57b84cd6.jpg

And then I sanded the trolley, primed it and painted it with three coats of white, with clear varnish on the actual trays. I also removed the wheels and de-rusted them with phosphoric acid, and added a handle on either end.

To add the handles I drilled through from the outside using the correct size bit for the screw that came with the handle, then drilled a small way from the inside using a bit that was slightly larger than the screw head (I used a piece of masking tape on the drill bit so I'd know when to stop). This ensured that the screw heads were sunken so I could caulk and paint over the holes.

 photo teatrolleymakeover23_zps114ffb62.jpg

Ta da!

 photo teatrolleymakeover17_zps1cd07d50.jpg

 photo teatrolleymakeover18_zps6b4f5d16.jpg

 photo teatrolleymakeover19_zpse4f70ca0.jpg

Here it is all dressed up. It's been so handy, not only for dinner but also for wheeling laundry baskets around the house for delivery, as well as for snacks and drinks when entertaining.

 photo teatrolleymakeover20_zps03123716.jpg

And because we all love a before-and-after:

 photo teatrolleymakeover21_zpsfee8a849.jpg

 photo teatrolleymakeover22_zpscbd907a5.jpg

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