16 August 2014

Some bright original art for the hallway

This is the view down our hallway from the kitchen / dining room to where the front door is (it's at the end on the right). Quite a boring view.

 photo noahartbeforeandafter01_zps8d5f40db.jpg

I wanted to put some artwork on the end wall, so I bought two canvases from the dollar store and asked Daniel and Noah to each paint a picture for me. Daniel didn't want to, but Noah really got into it, sketching out his designs before painting them.

 photo noahart01_zps5a09668c.jpg

 photo noahart02_zpsbd9a8d19.jpg

 photo noahart03_zpse864fa59.jpg

 photo noahart04_zpse6426154.jpg

He decided to do one painting of our family, and one painting of our home and chickens (this was before we got Daisy).

 photo noahart05_zps97ce4d20.jpg

Ta-da! Now I have we bright, colourful view.

 photo noahartbeforeandafter02_zps09e83fcb.jpg

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