3 September 2014

Larder reorganisation

I've blogged about the little cupboard that we call the larder - you can see it's beginnings here and the later upgrades here.

The top of the larder is still functioning beautifully and generally stays organised. The bottom, however, ended up looking like this:

 photo Larderbottommakeover01_zps5b8b8f11.jpg

Here is the disgrace with the dog food removed.

 photo Larderbottommakeover02_zpsd10c8af5.jpg

The first step in reorganising is to take everything out. It always gets worse before it gets better.

 photo Larderbottommakeover03_zps107402d3.jpg

I rehomed some items and decided what was staying in the larder. But before putting anything back I wanted to deal with the yucky, stained concrete floor.

 photo Larderbottommakeover04_zpsab5e2616.jpg

We recently snagged a roll of vinyl flooring that was put out on the side of the road for free collection. I didn't stick it down or anything, just cut it to shape and laid it in. Aah, instantly better!

 photo Larderbottommakeover05_zps23179c2c.jpg

Then I changed the plastic shelf placement and put everything back.

 photo Larderbottommakeover06_zpsf3cdc7cf.jpg

We save up the newspapers and drop them off at the vet (they are always in need of papers to line the cages). The big white container with hinged lid was from The Warehouse and is the perfect size for the dog food. The sugar container holds extra sugar of any type (white, brown, icing) and the pasta and rice container is self-explanatory. These are just the extras to refill the containers in the pantry in the kitchen.

 photo Larderbottommakeover08_zpsfb42edbc.jpg

Who doesn't like a before and after?

 photo Larderbottommakeover07_zps66427bfe.jpg

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