22 September 2014

Organising loyalty cards

I wanted to post about this because every single time I get my loyalty cards out at a store the checkout person says, "That's awesome," or "You're so organised!" or "What a good idea."

I'll be up front and say it's not even my idea - I saw it on Pinterest. But it's a really neat way of carrying your loyalty cards around without cluttering up your wallet.

 photo orgnaiseyourloyaltycards00_zpsedce17f1.jpg

Yup, it's that simple - punch holes in the corners and put a ring through them. I got my ring from the dollar store - you can also find them at scrapbooking or craft stores in various sizes.

I use my Cropadile tool to punch the holes. I bought this tool years ago for scrapbooking (it sets eyelets silently and it has a large and small punch) but although I haven't scrapbooked in ages we use the punches ALL the time to punch all sorts of things. Any punch that will go through plastic will do.

 photo orgnaiseyourloyaltycards02_zps7dd96827.jpg

I punch the first card, then for subsequent cards I line them up ...

 photo orgnaiseyourloyaltycards03_zps980b0bbe.jpg

... and punch through the first hole and through the new card, so that the cards sit neatly together.

 photo orgnaiseyourloyaltycards04_zpsa42b400a.jpg

Be careful to check the back of your card - don't be like me and punch through the swipe strip. Most loyalty cards are scanned or simply shown to the checkout person, but some will need to be swiped, so it's better to put the hole on the other end.

 photo orgnaiseyourloyaltycards05_zps23d7f215.jpg

This system also works with cards that open up and get stamped.

 photo orgnaiseyourloyaltycards07_zpse0a11844.jpg

 photo orgnaiseyourloyaltycards06_zps1c570723.jpg

I store my cards in the cellphone pouch inside my handbag - it's not big enough to hold my iPhone anyway.

 photo orgnaiseyourloyaltycards01_zps69154935.jpg

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