20 October 2014

Tahuna Torea reserve

We've been living in New Zealand for over three years now, and we're still visiting new (free) places. The other day we made our way to Tahuna Torea reserve where we had a lovely walk in the spring weather.

 photo maptahunatorea_zps00d15686.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve01_zpsb617062c.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve02_zpsa60383d2.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve03_zps83aecc3c.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve04_zps978b549b.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve05_zpsf4e9c366.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve06_zps144996fb.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve07_zps127cdec9.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve08_zpsddf2e56f.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve09_zpsc6cba99d.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve10_zps3d9bf2f7.jpg

 photo TahunaToreaReserve11_zps7dda814e.jpg

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