18 October 2014

The usual state of our home

The other day I came across this old blog post this old blog post of our home in its usual messy state. When I saw it I immediately hopped up, grabbed my camera and photographed our home in the state it was at that moment. (If you're wondering why I did so, read my blog post about photographing your messes and why you should do so.)

So, this post is for those of you who think my house is always tidy (you know who you are!) It definitely isn't.

 photo messyhouse11_zpsf1bf059f.jpg

 photo messyhouse01_zps01183ef6.jpg

 photo messyhouse02_zps66622086.jpg

 photo messyhouse04_zps2992760a.jpg

 photo messyhouse05_zpsd8e17391.jpg

 photo messyhouse03_zpsed5bdb09.jpg

 photo messyhouse12_zpsffee4223.jpg

 photo messyhouse10_zps4e7d3e5c.jpg

 photo messyhouse06_zps4afc93b3.jpg

 photo messyhouse08_zpsa8e503dc.jpg

 photo messyhouse09_zps5529b7bc.jpg

 photo messyhouse07_zps53b90aa7.jpg

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  1. Your house looks lived in and there nothing wrong with that.

    1. Yup, that's my point and why I don't mind sharing :)
      I reckon most of our houses looked lived in but it's easy to feel inferior when you see perfectly staged homes on the internet.

  2. I love this. Thank you for sharing! I do feel better about my "lived in" home now! And my favorite was the wonky lamp shade...that always happens to me too! : )

    1. I'm glad I could make you feel better!
      The wonky lampshade is the worst, but it's just something that happens. I'll think of you now when I see it wonky ;)

  3. A home is for living in! As long as it's happy who cares ;)

    1. Exactly! And ours is a happy home.


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