22 November 2014

A few updates in Noah's room

A little while ago I shared the following pictures of Noah's room:

 photo boysroomsthroughtheages50_zps520f0b47.jpg

 photo boysroomsthroughtheages51_zps17e9a360.jpg

I realised that with all the shuffling and moving of bedrooms (described in this post) I hadn't really decorated his bedroom properly. So I made a few changes. First, the cubbies got moved into Daniel's room as he needed the storage.

 photo noahbedroom01_zps8d7ca8c6.jpg

The alcove doesn't look very fancy but the big bins holding Noah's HotWheels tracks and HappyLand tracks are handy.

 photo noahbedroom02_zps535d9e32.jpg

I made a skirt to go under his bed and a matching one for the bedside table, to which I added a strip of "road" with embroidered lines. The fabric was thrifted and looks more wrinkled in these photos than it does in real life, for some reason.

 photo noahbedroom07_zps7d73e440.jpg

I moved one of the artwork collages (available here in my Etsy shop) so that there is now one on either side of the window.

 photo noahbedroom03_zps4d8632fe.jpg

I hung his N artwork (more info here).

 photo noahbedroom09_zpsda6e91c9.jpg

I bought some little chalkboard labels on eBay and stuck them onto the drawers with poster putty.

 photo noahbedroom04_zpsc75479b4.jpg

Noah sketched some vehicles on dollar store canvases and asked me to paint them for him, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

 photo noahbedroom10_zps43cea7c0.jpg

The brown storage bench in the corner holds wooden car tracks.

 photo noahbedroom11_zpse74013de.jpg

I added a band of blue fabric to an old lampshade that I had, glued on a striped ribbon, and cut out some little cars from a piece of car-patterned fabric and stuck them on.

 photo noahbedroom06_zps3890ba5e.jpg

The quilt I made him (more info here and here) adds some colour to a comfy chair, where I sit in the evenings while we chat or I read.

 photo noahbedroom05_zps471d384c.jpg

I covered the bulletin board that we had in blue fabric (also thrifted). Noah loves having a place to put up a calendar and his artwork (he's recently taken his drawings down to make room for new ones, hence the blank noticeboard).

 photo noahbedroom08_zps824f714b.jpg

Of course, this is how it usually looks! Just keeping it real.

 photo Noahroom15_zps8f6c8f67.jpg

It was so fun to add some finishing touches to his room, and I hardly spent anything doing so.

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