19 November 2014

How to make a three-tiered cake

I recently made a three-tiered cake for my BFF's daughter's 13th birthday - the irony being that when Daniel turned 13 in the same week he adamantly didn't want a cake. All he wanted to serve his guests for dessert was ice cream cones filled with Skittles with cookies-and-cream ice cream on top.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you step-by-step what goes into making a three-tiered cake.

1. Make a range of white fondant flowers in various sizes. Leave to dry thoroughly. (Do this a few days or even weeks ahead of time).

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake01_zpsdc95af64.jpg

2. When dry, add silver dragées and tiny nonpareils to the centres of the flowers using royal icing.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake02_zps5687c996.jpg

3. Bake two large, two medium, and two small cakes and let cool.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake03_zps53d6a541.jpg

4. Once cool, use a bread knife to level the cakes.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake04_zps4f641492.jpg

5. Make up some buttercream icing with a high butter to sugar ratio and fill the cakes. Press down on the cakes and then smooth out any excess icing around the edges. You don't want the cakes filled too full or they can become unstable.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake05_zpsf93e61d2.jpg

6. Wrap and refrigerate the cakes. The high butter content means that the icing will set nice and firm when refrigerated, preventing the layers from sliding or the icing from bulging.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake06_zps23751143.jpg

7. Make up some more buttercream. When the icing filling the cakes has set, ice the cakes with a crumb coating and leave to dry. This catches all of the crumbs that naturally pull up into the icing, and traps them so that when you do your final coat of icing the crumbs don't appear to spoil it.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake07_zps30cc3268.jpg

8. Make up some more buttercream with a high sugar to butter ratio, and colour it. Ice the cakes. The high sugar content means that this buttercream will "crust" - it will set into a slightly crispy layer as it dries.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake08_zpsda09fab5.jpg

9. Once the buttercream has crusted, but before it sets completely, use a foam roller to smooth it. If you do this too soon it will pull up the icing. If you wait too long, it will crack the icing. Just check that the icing dents to the touch but doesn't stick to your finger and you're good to roll.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake09_zps4c89798a.jpg

Here is how the cake looks before and after rolling.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake10_zps0a99279f.jpg

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake11_zps942d28a0.jpg

10. Add ribbon to the bottom layer.

  photo howtomakeathreetieredcake15_zps89d1cfa1.jpg

Once the crumb coating goes on the cake is essentially sealed from the air and you don't have to wrap it anymore. For interest's sake, here is how I store the cakes while the layers of icing are drying. First, I put water on a plate. Then I add a little ramekin.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake12_zps7d89cd62.jpg

This creates a little moat that ants can't cross. I rest the cake layers, on little cutting boards, on top of the ramekins and add a pop up fly net over the top so flies can't get to it.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake13_zpse46db30b.jpg

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake14_zps74c22ffd.jpg

The next steps I did at my friend's house, so the cake had already been transported there.

11. The bottom tier of cake sits on a cake stand. The other two layers each have a circle of plastic (cut from a sturdy disposable plate) underneath them, with the cake "glued" on with a bit of buttercream. To stack the cakes, first insert drinking straws into the bottom layer until they hit the cake stand, and cut them to size with scissors (you can also use small dowels if you prefer, or if you have a bigger cake or more tiers or use fondant, which is heavy). The straws take the weight of the next layer of cake so that it doesn't sink into the bottom layer.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake16_zps487c6c51.jpg

12. Add the second tier and finish with a piece of ribbon.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake17_zpsc3c31e32.jpg

13. Repeat the straws step by sticking them into the middle layer until they rest on the plastic disk, then cut to size.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake18_zpse2064126.jpg

14. Add the top layer and finish with ribbon.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake19_zps5a032d68.jpg

15. Stick the flowers on with a little buttercream or royal icing.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake20_zps87123ce6.jpg

16. Add some glittery candles.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake21_zps4ab31427.jpg

Voila! The three tiered cake is complete.

 photo howtomakeathreetieredcake22_zpsc4397e29.jpg

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