24 November 2014


Just a few pictures of our recent excursion out to Piha (west Auckland).

 photo piha01_zpsc538f847.jpg

 photo piha02_zpsb94032f2.jpg

 photo piha03_zpsff92379d.jpg

 photo piha04_zpsbc9397d0.jpg

 photo piha05_zps28b6ff90.jpg

 photo piha06_zpse7af5e5d.jpg

 photo piha07_zps61d405ec.jpg

 photo piha08_zpsf1c0f9bc.jpg

 photo piha09_zps29ddf593.jpg

 photo piha10_zps71a61de8.jpg

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  1. My friend is in NZ for the summer and is die-ing of cold!! She brought only "hot" weather clothing. What do you suggest? Thrift Stores? Ebay?


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