26 November 2014

Weekend away in Taranaki

We went away for the weekend and it was lovely. We enjoy excursions around our local area (you know we are always out and about doing things) and now we've started exploring further afield. We decided to drive 5 hours south west to the Taranaki region. There's no real story to tell (we drove down, stopped at various towns for a look, slept in a B&B overnight, drove back, stopping now and then), I just wanted to share some pictures of New Zealand's beauty. Warning: this post is exremely picture heavy!

 photo taranaki01_zps350f7b90.jpg

 photo taranaki02_zpseaade165.jpg

The weather wasn't the best. It's not often NZ is quite this gloomy. It felt like British weather!

 photo taranaki03_zps4235f4f9.jpg

 photo taranaki05_zpsfe1ea771.jpg

 photo taranaki06_zpsbc497c7f.jpg

 photo taranaki07_zps817a2327.jpg

 photo taranaki08_zps5e21fb0b.jpg

 photo taranaki09_zps906574ef.jpg

 photo taranaki10_zpsfb43a3ac.jpg

 photo taranaki11_zps85fa5000.jpg

 photo taranaki12_zps1e18ccc5.jpg

 photo taranaki13_zps8b6f0925.jpg

 photo taranaki14_zps6ce70e46.jpg

The B&B where we stayed - The Villa in Harewa.

 photo taranaki17_zps55418eac.jpg

 photo taranaki15_zps47442d52.jpg

 photo taranaki16_zpsb39fb3d9.jpg

 photo taranaki18_zps4276bfa7.jpg

 photo taranaki19_zps027dec2b.jpg

 photo taranaki20_zpsb2e18fc2.jpg

 photo taranaki21_zpsb004358e.jpg

 photo taranaki22_zpsfaad1f98.jpg

 photo taranaki23_zpsa21c486c.jpg

 photo taranaki24_zps66e88f0f.jpg

 photo taranaki25_zpsc16c1c94.jpg

 photo taranaki26_zpsd6f09f70.jpg

 photo taranaki27_zps42c7aea6.jpg

 photo taranaki28_zpsb01950e1.jpg

The mountain was hidden in clouds and mist most of the time.

 photo taranaki29_zps4da51d14.jpg

 photo taranaki30_zps4f58dd20.jpg

 photo taranaki31_zps9fcfb70d.jpg

 photo taranaki32_zps3ea9932f.jpg

 photo taranaki33_zps84131b42.jpg

 photo taranaki34_zpsd725eff4.jpg

 photo taranaki35_zps5861b8dc.jpg

 photo taranaki36_zpsaa058964.jpg

 photo taranaki37_zps037b86ff.jpg

 photo taranaki38_zpsb53285e7.jpg

 photo taranaki39_zps3ba7f5e2.jpg

 photo taranaki40_zps3e1e9b24.jpg

 photo taranaki41_zps84a30a71.jpg

 photo taranaki42_zpsd33e154f.jpg

 photo taranaki43_zps0ad42691.jpg

 photo taranaki44_zps994b1cdd.jpg

 photo taranaki45_zpsdf29b701.jpg

 photo taranaki46_zps2b4f671e.jpg

 photo taranaki47_zps45798b72.jpg

 photo taranaki48_zpscf5fa113.jpg

 photo taranaki49_zps3a7c1a16.jpg

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