10 November 2014

What I ate in a day

 photo whatiate00_zps16e5be67.jpg

My dietary guidelines right now:
- no wheat, corn, or potatoes
- limit sugar
- protein, veg and complex carbs with every meal / snack

 photo whatiate01_zpsdac94267.jpg

Breakfast bake (click here for recipe).

 photo whatiate02_zps689e608b.jpg

Roasted vegetables mixed with stewed tomato, topped with feta cheese.

 photo whatiate03_zps7a16bcaa.jpg

An apple and six Brazil nuts.

 photo whatiate04_zpsc8fd572b.jpg

Weight Watchers recipe - chicken fricassee on rice, with steamed asparagus and peas.

 photo whatiate05_zpsf750b8a9.jpg

Evening snack
An avocado with malt vinegar and salt and pepper, and two oatcakes with crunchy peanut butter.

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