13 December 2014

Mom's quilt

Now that it's finally arrived at its destination, I can share photos of the quilt I made for my mom for her birthday, although it didn't arrive in time. She lives in Norway and although I sent it two weeks before her birthday it only arrived a week and a half after her birthday.

The quilt measures 151cm x 186cm (60 x 73 inches) and features a stacked coin design in pink, turquoise, white, and brown.

 photo momquilt01_zpsc9fce949.jpg

The back is pink and white gingham.

 photo momquilt02_zpsf9c47ac1.jpg

I used my walking foot to quilt a chevron pattern.

 photo momquilt05_zps96498ee3.jpg

It's bound in brown.

  photo momquilt07_zps3943eb0e.jpg

 photo momquilt03_zpsdcc1eddc.jpg

 photo momquilt04_zpsd42193bc.jpg

Of course I had to add a little embroidered label.

 photo momquilt06_zps97eb42f6.jpg

My mom loves the quilt, and I love thinking of her snuggling under it through the Norwegian winter.

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  1. That is such a beautiful quilt - what a gift!

  2. Wow Jen, that's beautiful and must have taken hours to make, I bet your Mom loves it. :)

  3. It's a beautiful and thoughtful gift!!!!! Norway is a loooong way from NZ, sniff sniff. My family immigrated to the US from Norway though it has been enough generations that I don't speak Norwegian. My mother's grandmother did. She tells some funny stuff about life with Grandma. We still make Fattigmann Bakkles for Christmas.

  4. Jen the quilt is absolutely gorgeous you are so talented. I bet your Mum was thrilled with it.

    Lyn x

  5. So cool and so modern! No doubt your Mom loves it to bits!


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