27 December 2014

Quick tip

If you have a bag of salad spinach that is approaching its best-by date, or starting to wilt and look pathetic, and you know you won't finish it before it spoils, just pop a clip on it ...

 photo spinach01_zps28f4f4e9.jpg

... and throw it into the freezer. Once it's frozen, you can squish it with your fingers to crush the brittle spinach ...

 photo spinach02_zps2e892320.jpg

... and you'll have free-flowing shards of spinach, ready to use in any dish or green smoothie. I like to sprinkle it into my beaten eggs when making omelets, and add some feta cheese once the omelet is cooked.

 photo spinach03_zps3e7cfe45.jpg

It prevents waste, and creates a convenient way to eat more spinach! I hope this little tip helps someone.

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