3 January 2015


I've been blogging for nine years now, and have seen how the blogging scene has changed in that time. There was a time when bloggers blogged purely for the love of it and it was, in fact, seen as "selling out" if a blogger dared to place any sort of advertising on her (or his) blog.

Then bloggers began to accept more advertising because why shouldn't they get paid, at least a little, for working so hard and providing quality content? Readers have come to accept it too.

Now, of course, some bloggers are only in it for the money and run their blogs like a business with the sole aim of earning cash. I'm not saying it's right or wrong; I just want to note that my blog is still run from passion and as a hobby and from a place of authenticity. I have worked to retain my own style and passion in my blog, rather than turn it into a business. I blog things I already do, rather than doing or making things with the sole purpose of blogging about it. However, I do put a lot of work and time into my blog, and feel that I provide original, quality content, and I would like to earn more than the pittance I currently earn from it, without turning it into something it's not.

You may have noticed recently that there have been a couple of sponsored posts. I have been paid to place the posts on my blog, and the content has been provided for me. I hope that you understand that it's not a necessity, per se (I'd still blog, even if I earned nothing), but it's something that helps me to justify spending a lot of time on my content, enabling me to put more into my blog.

So I hope you won't mind the occasional guest post. I put my own posts up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and the sponsored posts will go up on either Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday as extra posts, so they aren't replacing my usual content. They are just a little extra content for you, and a little extra pocket money for me - that's a win-win, right? Thanks for understanding :)

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