12 January 2015

Packed lunches

A few more packed lunches - some of these are from ages ago before Grant stopped eating wheat.

 photo packedlunch10_zps62c7a736.jpg

Main: baguette with egg mayo filling
Dessert: fruit yoghurt
Snack: cucumber sticks and dip

 photo packedlunch11_zpsc4d9a467.jpg

Main: homemade chicken and asparagus quiche
Dessert: homemade banana muffin
Snack: clementine, cashew nuts

 photo packedlunch12_zps8b2f16dc.jpg

Main: winter salad with leftover pork, balsamic dressing
Dessert: fruit yoghurt
Snack: two hard boiled eggs

 photo packedlunch13_zps264f01ed.jpg

Main: sandwich on granary bread with egg mayo and salad filling
Dessert: grapes, strawberries, pineapple
Snack: crackers and cheese (cut into star shapes)

 photo packedlunch14_zps86fed649.jpg

Main: salad with chicken and ham, aioli as dressing
Dessert: strawberries
Snack: Brazil nuts and two pieces of dark chocolate

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