21 February 2015

Rotorua part 1

I'm back! My mom and stepdad have departed and we are easing back into routine. I have some blog posts planned, including a series and a video, but won't get time alone to work on them until next week. In the meantime I thought I'd share some photos from our weekend away in Rotorua. I'll start with the family shots, but I do want to tell you about the resort and a few of the things we did - stay tuned for those posts, coming soon.

Thanks for your patience while I was away!

 photo weekendinrotorua49_zps4a37fffb.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua05_zps3d01a894.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua06_zps4ad8ff80.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua07_zps6d28109b.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua13_zps28e51712.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua44_zps9b41d2e3.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua40_zps6514781e.jpg

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