23 February 2015

Rotorua part 2

Our weekend away in Rotorua was kind of a last-minute decision so we didn't spend ages researching where to stay. But we lucked out, as we all enjoyed the place we ended up. We chose to stay at the Cosy Cottage holiday park (no, this is not a sponsored post, I'm just a regular customer to them).

There were six of us in our party, and we had a self-contained unit with two bedrooms. My mom and Chris slept in the room with the double bed, for which linen was provided. Grant and I were in the room with two single beds, and the boys were in the bunk beds in the living area - we had to bring bedding for these beds, although sheets and pillows were provided in the bedroom.

Naturally, I forgot to take pictures of the unit! You'll have to click on over to their site to see some pics. It was very basic but met our needs. The living area had a small kitchenette, table and chairs, and a sofa. There was a bathroom with shower (no bath). Like I said, very basic, not very flash, but it was all we needed and we were comfortable.

There are also camp sites for tenting, or powered sites for caravans and camper vans.

The facilities included a swimming pool, hot pools, steam cooker and BBQ facilities, lake with hot water beach, heated games room and TV lounge, bicycles hire and storage, laundry, and playground. Because the holiday park is on a site rife with geothermal activity there are even heated camp sites, where the ground is warm!

The boys enjoyed the playground ...

 photo weekendinrotorua01_zpsfbf594ef.jpg

... while I enjoyed the sunset.

 photo weekendinrotorua04_zpsbb130107.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua02_zps81afe797.jpg

The steam cooker is heated naturally. There are pots available from reception for you to cook your stews, or you could leave foil-wrapped parcels of food in the cooker for a few hours. There are even herbs growing nearby for you to use in your cooking.

 photo weekendinrotorua41_zpsaf50a04a.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua42_zps506ac02a.jpg

Did you see the grassy area behind the steam cooker? Yeah, that would be grass surrounding a pool of boiling mud bubbling up out of the earth.

 photo weekendinrotorua03_zps7a7af71e.jpg

Then, of course, there are the pools. My favourites were the relaxation pools - two tubs of geothermally heated water to soak in and unwind. The water for the hot pools is brought up from more than 30 meters below ground, into steel tanks, at higher than boiling temperature. The water is left in the steel tanks for about 20 hours to cool down. Then the pools are emptied (daily) and the water is replaced with the fresh cooled water. They are still pretty warm, like soaking in a hot bath.

 photo weekendinrotorua46_zpsecb8d5fd.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua47_zps041b7cc8.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua43_zpsbd276e6f.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua45_zps44c8bff7.jpg

The sounds of the waterfall add to the relaxing atmosphere.

 photo weekendinrotorua48_zpsfde6f0d2.jpg

Of course, my kids are not going to be able to follow the "Please keep quiet" sign, so we spent more time soaking in the other hot pool:

 photo weekendinrotorua05_zps3d01a894.jpg

If you get too hot (it is summer, after all) then you can swim a few lengths in the cold pool. It is heated, but still a bit too cold for my liking.

 photo weekendinrotorua27_zps1c0503d8.jpg

If it's nature you're after, take a little wander through the camp site along the banks of a hot, steaming stream (and yes, the water is boiling hot to the touch) ...

 photo weekendinrotorua28_zpsa47f6bea.jpg

... through a little bush area ...

 photo weekendinrotorua29_zps03cee5ba.jpg

... to the lake.

 photo weekendinrotorua30_zpsf3dd900a.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua31_zpsdfaf0ade.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua35_zpsbf378c0d.jpg

Now, this lake has a secret. If you look carefully along the shoreline ...

 photo weekendinrotorua37_zps404a4d6c.jpg

... to where the little bubbles arise ...

 photo weekendinrotorua36_zps1b401b8c.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua38_zps0a975f13.jpg

... and sink your feet in, you will feel piping hot water coming up against the soles of your feet!

 photo weekendinrotorua32_zps56a053fb.jpg

Also, if you dig just a little bit on the beach, the hole you've made will begin to fill up with hot water - hot enough to make you yelp and leap out sometimes.

 photo weekendinrotorua33_zps10c891eb.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua34_zps8dd4a5e5.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua39_zps11f9d812.jpg

All in all, great fun and a highly recommended place to stay!

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