25 February 2015

Rotorua part 3

Rotorua is a place of beauty and wonder, with dramatic geothermal activity at which to marvel.

We did the luge again and this time I actually really enjoyed the ski-lift back to the top. Last time I was completely freaking out the whole way. It's a wonder what a lack of PTSD and adrenal fatigue will do for you! Here is the view from the top:

 photo weekendinrotorua08_zpsa1592026.jpg

We also enjoyed a little walk through a forest, complete with tall redwood trees, to the Hamurana Springs.

 photo weekendinrotorua09_zps2e48eeee.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua10_zps330572c0.jpg

The water in the stream is so crystal clear, it's astonishing! And where it flows over white sand you can see that the water is a beautiful turquoise blue from the minerals in it.

 photo weekendinrotorua11_zpse81dbb7f.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua12_zps974cc2c5.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua14_zps29769b1a.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua15_zpsd75f8089.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua18_zpsadc73346.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua17_zps5ee1b908.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua26_zpsddac408c.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua25_zps80a140a8.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua24_zps13b32069.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua23_zps7d299535.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua22_zps90270fe1.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua21_zps02341a34.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua20_zps3234686a.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua19_zps69eab7ce.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua16_zpsb7a0f86e.jpg

The actual springs themselves are very hard to photograph in a way that portrays them well, but you can see them on YouTube. Just search for Hamurana Spring and Dancing Sands spring - the latter is worth a peek at a video. The sand hops and jumps as the water streams up through them, hence the name.

We also stopped at Sulphur Bay, where there are steaming pools of bubbling mud and water and the water in the bay is milky from the sulphur.

 photo weekendinrotorua50_zpsa278e995.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua51_zpsdc1b2add.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua52_zps2edcc28a.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua53_zpsbb09ecd0.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua54_zpsc64e6456.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua55_zps5af1a1e4.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua56_zps83136de1.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua57_zps3034abae.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua58_zps2af1598d.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua59_zps9d638b07.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua60_zpsabfc8d62.jpg

 photo weekendinrotorua61_zps5964a3ce.jpg

We also enjoyed some paintball target shooting, a wander through the Government Gardens, and a delicious meal out at the Pig and Whistle. All in all, a fantastic weekend and a holiday destination I'd highly recommend!

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