29 March 2015

4 Ways To Keep Your Energy Costs Low In The Summer

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Every Palmco customer wants to know how they can lower their energy costs. After all, no one wants to pay more than they have to, especially during the summer when air conditioning can cause bills to skyrocket. If you want to enjoy low-cost energy bills during the summer, then try these four tips to keep you energy costs low during the hottest part of the year.

Don't Cool The Outdoors
If you're running your air conditioning or central air system, it's crucial that you ensure that your home is insulated and well-sealed. Allowing cool air to escape to the outdoors makes your system work in overdrive. This means that your system is constantly running, instead of automatically turning itself off when your home has reached its ideal temperature.

Turn Your AC Off Whenever Possible
Sometimes it's impossible to not run your air conditioning system. However, on those days when it isn't a scorcher, give your machine a break and open the windows instead. Your air conditioning costs you money, whereas the breeze from the outside is completely free.

Give Your Air Conditioner a Break at Night
Your house is the hottest during the day when the sun is shining down on it. At night, however, the temperature always drops. Be sure to turn your air conditioning system down at night. Do the same if your house is going to be empty during the day, as there is no point in cooling an empty house.

Monitor Your Kids
When your kids are off from school, there are probably a lot more computers and televisions running than normal in your home. Monitor your kids to make sure that they are practicing smart energy consumption. Teach them that televisions and computers should be turned off when not in use and that a room should never be exited without turning off the lights. Not only will these help you to lower your energy costs, but it will be teaching your kids good habits.

Summer doesn't have to mean a huge spike in your energy bill. If you put these tips into practice, you can get through summer without exorbitant energy costs. Monitoring your energy expenses may mean taking a few extra minutes out of your day, but the resulting inexpensive bill will be well worth it.

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