3 March 2015

Improve Your Run: Tips from the Pros

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Running is one of the best ways a person can stay in shape. Best of all, you can run almost anywhere in the world, and if you have even a little bit of free time, very little can stop you from getting a run in. After all, you can hit the gym when it’s too cold or wet out and run outside the rest of the year.

However, running isn’t just as simple as putting on a pair of sneakers and hitting the pavement, especially if you’re trying to get better or improve your conditioning. There’s actually quite a bit of science that goes into running properly.

Use this guide to help you get better and stay healthy as a runner. Running can take a toll on your body, but if you’re careful, you can remain healthy anyway.

Get Up Early
Getting up early is age old advice for success in life, but it’s also important for runners. In the morning your body is energized and the weather is perfect for a run, especially in the late fall, spring and summer.

Plan to get up before everybody in the house to start your day with a run and you’ll get your goals accomplished and feel like a million bucks doing it.

Pay Attention to Your Shoes
It might seem like a small thing, but you need quality running shoes and they need to be in good shape. If you run regularly, that could mean replacing them monthly, especially if you run long distances each day.

When buying, make sure you look for a well-known brand with quality control like womens Saucony or a similar brand. You don’t want cheap shoes, and you definitely want to have them fit by an expert, at least your first time.

Once you find a shoe you love, go ahead and stick with it as long as it’s being made.

Rest Often
Rest days are something you often hear about when you start running on a regular basis, especially if you start using online forums or apps to track your progress. However, rest days aren’t really something that the average runner understands or knows how to use properly.

In essence, a rest day is a day where you don’t run. For most runners, you’ll want at least two rest days per week, spaced out according to your running schedule. When you’ve just started you may want to take a rest day after every single run that lasts more than a few miles.

As you progress, you can use rest days for all sorts of other activities like upper body strength training or core training. These will all help get you in better shape while allowing your body to recover from fast or long distance runs.

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