1 April 2015

2015 Books - March

I read 9 books and listened to 1 audiobook this month. If a book makes it to this list on my blog, you can assume I enjoyed and would recommend it (unless otherwise noted) - if I'm not enjoying a book, I stop reading it and move onto the next one. Life's too short and there are too many great books in the world to waste time reading ones that I don't enjoy!

Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde - Jennie Garth

One Breath Away - Heather Gudenkauf

Doomsday Book - Connie Willis
I enjoyed the story, although it did drag on a bit - it could have been told in half as many pages.

Two For Joy - Patricia Scanlan

Girl Online - Zoe Sugg

The Silent Girl (book 9) - Tess Gerritsen

Whistleblower - Tess Gerritsen

Red Dust - Fleur McDonald

The World's Most Haunted Places - Jeff Belanger

Never Say Die - Tess Gerritsen

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  1. What do you think of Girls Online? I have not read it but I am curious of these Youtuber who write books now.

    1. I actually really enjoyed it and thought it was well written and thought out. I've read other YouTubers' books (the Fowler sisters 2 books) and found them to be poorly written "fluff" - still enjoyable but not really written by writers, if that makes sense. I thought Zoe's book was a step above.


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