22 April 2015

Organising = anticipating needs

Sometimes people say to me, "You're so organised!" in a tone that makes it sound like I should apologise. Not sure why they say it quite like that, but it's usually said when I've done something that really isn't all that special - I've just thought ahead.

That's one of the keys to being organised: it's simply anticipating needs.

For example, if we are going to an ice cream place and there are little children with us and it's a hot day, I can anticipate that the ice cream will end up dripping down little hands and arms and making a sticky mess. So I'll pack a plastic container with a few damp cloths in it, for easy cleanup.

If I know that my dear son forgets to let me know about shared lunches at school until the last minute, I can keep a pack of frozen sausage rolls in the freezer at all times so I have something quick to prepare in an emergency.

If I know that I'll be hanging washing outside in sunny weather, I can keep a spare pair of sunglasses in my basket of clothes pegs, as I'll need them at that time (I can't tolerate bright sunlight without them).

Just thinking ahead and anticipating needs and then putting measures in place to meet those needs will make you seem super organised - and make your life a whole lot easier too!

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