25 April 2015

Two more videos

I've been giving my YouTube channel some attention lately; here are two more videos I've uploaded. If you'd like to be kept up to date with what I upload over there, please click here and subscribe to my channel, or follow my Facebook page, where I'll post each time I upload. I won't be posting them here anymore, unless they go with a blog post.

(If the embedded videos don't show up, you can see them here and here.)

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  1. Two more great videos! The accent tag is always fun!

  2. Hello again pretty lady! So happy to see you're making YouTube videos. I enjoyed them so much. Dont worry about them being boring Thore days when you're just home. Personally Thore videos are the ones I enjoy the most. I just like to see how other live their life. Doing regular things like doing laundry, making diner, brushing their teeth, moistorizing.... It s interesting to see how other people take care of themselves and their husband and children.
    By the way do you know one of your kitchen organization videos have a quarter of a milion views. Thats how good you are with organizing. I just think you have something special. I think with YouTube the key is to be personal without sharing the things that are private to one. Like show your phone but not your phone number, that kind of thing.

    I think you could do videos like thenotsoordinaryhousewife, athomewithnikki, organizedclutterbug, howjendoesit. Do you know of them? They dont have a huge following yet but they already make some money doing YouTube.

    Anyway I'm so excited for the new videos. Cleaning routines are very popular at the moment. So are hygiene routines, morning routines. What else. ....hm. ..I just want to give you some ideas in case you would like some....I also like to see what people eat in a day.

    Im out of ideas at the moment. I'll get back to you if I come up with something good.

    Lots of love. :-)

    1. I was so touched by this sweet, encouraging message - thank you so much. I've had a rough day today and you brightened it and brought a smile to my face. I will definitely keep making videos, and I hope you will enjoy them. Thank you for taking the time to leave such lovely kind words, it means more to me than you know.

  3. :-)

    Many of your blog posts and videos have brightened my days.
    Im sorry about all the typos.

    I also wanted to tell you about another YouTube channel called thethirdshift. I think that channel could inspire you too.

    Also have you heard of this blog called zenhabits, just Google it, it is so inspirational. .

    Its so cool to see that you've lost all this weight. When I first found your blog I read posts from years ago. So I can tell the difference. You look very slim in the accent tag video.

    You could also do a vlog or blog post or both, about your daily routine.

    I just want you to succeed thats why Im giving you tips on what I like to watch and what I've noticed a lot of other people do too.


    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I will check them out! And thank you for the compliment and encouragement, you are the best.


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